In a panorama like that of Japanese animation, where successful mecha productions stand out, it is difficult to build and maintain a certain reputation. But the series born from the mind of Yoshiyuki Tomino still manages to amaze. After a few details and a first trailer, there is finally a lot of news to report Gundam the Witch of Mercury.

The latest project set in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe was presented in September 2021 and has a confirmed release date of 2022 in first official character designs, complete with key visuals, unreleased plot details and additional production information. This is the franchise's first animated project in seven years that will also receive a prequel: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Prologue, out July 14th in Japan, at the locations where the various life-size statues of the Gundams are found.

Below is the official description of the project as stated on the official website: "Ad Stella 122 - An era when many companies expanded into space and built a gigantic economic system. A lonely girl, originally from the planet Mercury, moves to the Asticassia School of Technology, led by the Beneritt Group, which dominates the mobile suit industry. His name is Suletta Mercury. With a scarlet light illuminating her heart, this girl slowly makes her way into a new world.”

Below you can see the designs of all the characters that will play an important role in the series, including the Gundam Aerial piloted by Suletta, the Gundam Pharact, and some Year Two and Year Three companions: Miorine Rembran, Guel Jeturk, Elan Ceres, and Shaddiq Zenelli. Recall that Hiroshi Kobayashi, flanked by Ryo Ando, ​​Ichiro Okouchi as screenwriter and Mogumo as original character designer, will direct production for Bandai Namco Filmworks / Sunrise.

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