The franchise of Pokémon today it enjoys one of the most important popularity in the world, with such a success that the brand invoices billions of dollars every year. Still, the Pocket Monsters anime hasn't always had such a happy life, to the point that it once did  he even risked cancellation.

Anyway, thanks to the fame of the television series is certainly attributable to its creator, Takeshi Shudo, whose participation in the project in the first 5 years of the anime was fundamental for its future success. A few months before his death, in 2009, he released an interesting post on his personal blog which revealed some interesting background on the birth of the first cartoon.

After telling the training of the captain of the ship of "Pokémon the movie - Mewtwo strikes again", Shudo focused on the creation of the dialogues and on the production sector in which he imagines the script. He himself, in fact, revealed that everything was created with the aid of alcohol and tranquilizers.

"Alcohol helps me make sense of all those lines of dialogue that buzz around my head, but above all to calm my mind when it is particularly confused. For some reason, when I drink, I can ask unknown questions that otherwise they would be annoying, without the whole thing turning into a fight. We don't even argue, it's like the mind says, "People are people. I am me, what others say does not concern you. "

If I can't drink, I opt for tranquilizers (not illegal substances, but those available in the pharmacy). [...]Obviously, when it comes to alcohol and "drugs" you need to know your limits, otherwise I suggest you stay away from it. "

After that, the screenwriter revealed some tricks that he uses to test his mind, in order to recognize if he is capable of being productive or not. Finally, he adds that before sending the script, double check everything sober, so that you can make any changes and be sure of the job. Certainly a bizarre way to build the dialogues and the story of a cartoon, but certainly functional given the extraordinary success. But speaking of Pokémon, did you know that Ash was supposed to die in the movie?

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