The American comic book world revolves around the two main publishers, Marvel Comics and DC Comics. We have learned to appreciate the many characters of the first, especially in the last twenty years thanks to the numerous cinecomics that have increased its popularity. And among these to receive many adaptations were the X-Men.

The most famous group of mutants in the world was born in 1963 created by the usual duo composed of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. A few years later, the world joined their world Mystica character, in English Mystique. Presented in 1978, his character took part in many X-Men stories although his notoriety has particularly increased with the arrival of the cinecomic X-Men of 2000 and then with X-Men: The beginning in which it was played by Jennifer Lawrence.

The shapeshifter came to life thanks to the model Jannet who on his Instagram page published a set of photos with his Mystica cosplay. There are seven photos that you can see in the post below, one of which with the production of cosplay, obtained thanks to a make-up on the whole body with suitable paints. The image in which Mystica has posters and covers of various comics, including some of the X-Men that create a contrast with her blue skin, is quite suggestive.

It should also be noted that, in each photo, the well-nuanced skin is highlighted, but above all the many black details that cover the body and make it look particularly like that of the films. You were struck by this X-Men Mystica cosplay?

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