After more than a year of release, the My Hero Academia saga appears to be almost over. The events of My Hero Academia 295 have kept everyone in suspense and history is about to enter a new phase.

in the My Hero Academia 296 We will face the beginning of the end of the saga. Even after Shigaraki and his team have escaped, Deku and the others have to deal with the wounded and dead, not to mention that there are still bad guys out there who can cause damage. The fight is therefore close to the end, but there are still details that Horikoshi could decide to tell very quickly in a single chapter.

There is precarious conditions of Gran Torino, Mirko and Hawksto explain and show the fate of midnight and that of all other 1-A students. And then to understand the conditions under which Deku and Bakugo are after the deadly fight against Tomura Shigaraki and All for One. However, all of this won't happen for two weeks due to the hiatus from Weekly Shonen Jump. My Hero Academia will return on Sunday January 3rd, 2021 on MangaPlus in English and Spanish.

And once that last part of the current narrative arc is over, Horikoshi could decide to start My Hero Academia towards the end.

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