In one of the very first chapters of ONE PIECEStill in the early days of his pirate career, Luffy came across a character who would later become one of his most trusted friends. This is Roronoa Zoro, a swordsman with algae-green hair who often wears a dark headscarf to fight with his three swords.

So far we've seen Fight against so many enemies in ONE PIECE against Zorovery often against number two of the enemy crews. This, along with joining the crew for the first time, always suggests that Zoro is the crew's deputy captain. It's now been 21 years since Zoro joined the crew and we've received a lot of information about him in the meantime. Let's see how big Zoro is, but also how old he is and many other details about the swordsman.

Born on November 11th and therefore under the sign of Scorpio, Roronoa Zoro was 19 when ONE PIECE started As a result, at the current moment after the time jump 21st he is 178 centimeters tall and one of the physically strongest crew members. In addition, its size currently reaches 320,000,000 berries. The latter value will surely increase after the events of Wanokuni, where he will face the crew of Emperor Kaido of the Hundred Beasts. One element that is so dear to the heart of the Japanese is blood type. Oda decided to give Zoro the made-up XF blood type, as well as many other characters. Did you know these curiosities about the character?

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