After reuniting with his historic team and meeting his old rival, Ash is ready for a great new adventure. In episode 71 of Pokémon exploration The legendary coach has to accompany his friend Go on his first official mission. Let's find out what's going to happen!

Entitled "Come on! Project Mew !!", the 71. Tip from Pokémon Explorations will arrive in Japan on June 18th. As revealed by Twitter user Anipoke Fandom, the script was entrusted to Shoji Yonemura, the storyboard to Noriaki Saito and the animations to Rei Yamazaki and Koki Yanagihara.

As you can see in the preview at the end of the article, Ash and Go will be leaving the Kanto region for this episode Visit Sinnoh. "One day Go received an email from "Mew Project". The young trainer is asked to go to the laboratory at the foot of Mount Tengan in the Sinnoh region. Go there with Ash immediately, and when he arrives he will be given his first mission: to catch an Alolan Ninetales found in the glacier area of ​​the mountain. Will Go be able to complete this mission?".

The voices on Ash and Go will be loaned by the Japanese voice actors Rica Matsumoto and Daiki Yamashita. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has become canonical in the wake of Pokémon Exploration Episode 70. In addition to season 24, the animated franchise has just been expanded to include two Pokémon animated short films.

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