One of the most anticipated projects of the year is Resident Evil: Infinte Darkness, an animated iteration of one of the most iconic video games. Protagonist of this brand adventure Netflix originals will be Leon S. Kennedy ready to face hordes of zombies in the thumbnails posted on Twitter.

Leon first appears in Reisdent Evil 2, where he played the role of a rookie cop in the Raccoon City nightmare most popular characters of the saga. Also protagonist of the fourth official chapter of the video game franchise and part of the sixth chapter, the blonde secret service agent in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness has to face the zombie threat again.

The CG animation series emerged from the collaboration between Capcom and Netflix, sees Leon Kennedy fighting a wave of zombies for the umpteenth time. Leon is called back to the White House where he meets his former partner Claire Redfield and is embroiled in a disaster.

The images posted on Twitter by Netflix Geeked offer fans a sI look at Leon in the preview. The bob-haired protagonist is involved in some investigation and is determined to resolve the situation again. Here's the horror from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness in the Japanese Netflix trailer. Here is the cast of voice actors and a key art from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

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