After the very long exercise that saw the two sections of the first year of Yuei High School clash, it is finally time for a big party. In the pictures ofEpisode 101 of My Hero AcademiaIn fact, we see the emerging Class 1-A heroes at the Christmas parties.

After winning the epic battle with Class 1-B, Class 1-A is finally indulging in some well-deserved relaxation. In fact, My Hero Academia 5x13 leaves the battlefield to make way for Christmas holidays.

As we can see in the thumbnails of episode 101 of the anime that user MHA News shared on Twitter, Midoriya and her companions are busy with the Christmas celebrations. The guys, in Santa suit, Toasting and chatting happily. All but one: Bakugo, who instead runs away from the party in a gym outfit.

In another picture we see Eraserhead with the director of Yuei High School. What are the two confusing? This episode, pointless for narrative purposes, will act as the link between the Joint Training Arc and the next saga, which despite expectations it won't be My Villain Academia.

In fact, the anime reversed the order of the narrative arcs, and we'll see those over the course of the next few episodes of My Hero Academia 5Endeavor Agency arch. While we wait for this episode, we will relive the events of My Hero Academia 5x12.

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