A publication with the title «Plagiarism allegations in Kimetsu no Yaiba»Was recently posted on a popular comment forum in South Korea and immediately attracted attention for his comments. The user who made the publication ensures this Kimetsu no yaiba plagiarized a dramaLive action) made in South Korea.

Kimetsu no yaiba

According to the post, the appearance of the female lead is Nezuko Kamadois "irrefutable evidence" of plagiarism as the piece of bamboo he holds in his mouth is an element "very similar" to a character in a South Korean drama titled 불멸 의 이순신 ((Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Sin) and added some photos comparing both designs.

Kimetsu no yaiba

On the other hand, Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Sin is a live-action series produced in South Korea and aired for 104 episodes between September 2004 and August 2005. The series was filmed on location at Battle Royale locations. He made extensive use of rendered images and a reconstruction of a turtle ship.

Some forum users said they agree with the post, with comments like: «They are definitely the same»,«They are practically the same (laughs)»,«I suppose the author can be fined. I mean, even the titles look the same: "Fumetsu" and "Kimetsu"». However, there were also some publications that denoted the nonsense of signaling. Finally, one of the users explained that the characters used the white parts in their mouths to keep their voices quiet during nighttime surprise attacks.

Synopsis of Kimetsu no Yaiba

In the Taisho era in Japan, Tanjirou Kamado is a kind and intelligent boy who lives in the mountains with his family. Tanjirou became the head of his family after the death of his father and makes constant trips to the village at the foot of the mountain to sell firewood and charcoal.

However, his life changes when he returns home one day after a night out and finds that his family has been killed by a demon. Tanjirou and her sister Nezuko are the only survivors now, but she has been turned into a demon, though surprisingly she still shows emotion and appears to have a sense of reason. After meeting Giyuu Tomioka, a demon hunter; Tanjirou He decides to become a demon hunter in order to hunt down his family's killer and find a way to get Nezuko back to normal.

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