After the final chapter of theAttack of the giantsand on the numerous points of criticism, the author Hajime Isayama has repeated several times that he had added additional pages to volume 34 in order to better define some events and details, including an interesting revelation about the character of Mikasa.

As expected from the numerous tidbits prior to the online dissemination of the tables in question, one of the points the mangaka wanted to clarify was Isayama's concern the frequent headaches Mikasa had throughout the seriesand that seemed to be related to Eren's thoughts when he used the power of the giant ancestor. Under the new material, the problem would also affect Ymir.

Before Ymir had the power of a giant, she was so in love with King Fritz that she sacrificed herself for him, beginning the transition of the skills that over the years spawned the nine. To see yourself in the young Mikasa in terms of such a complex relationshipand suffered, Ymir decided to make the Ackerman the savior of everyone. On the additional pages, Mikasa is shown walking while he is holding Eren's head in his arms, when she suddenly sees Ymir's silhouette and then speaks to her.

The figure shows that it was Ymir who caused her headache, He was constantly scanning his mindand explains how the love the ancestor of the giants felt was an endless nightmare. An exciting and emotional moment that certainly represents a more meaningful ending for a character like Mikasa.

Keep in mind that according to recent rumors and theories, the attack of the giants could have a sequel and we'll leave you all the additional tables of the final chapter in HD.

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