The end of the first part of the Boruto anime coincides with one of the most exciting sequences of Masashi Kishimoto's entire sequel work, perfectly adapted by Studio Pierrot. There Tails Assault Saga brings Boruto and Kawaki to battle for the future of the ninja world and for the seventh Hokage.

Episode 291 of Boruto presented viewers with a challenge between Karma, the black of the blonde ninja of Konoha, and the white and false of Code, heir to the will of the Otsutsuki and last of the Kara. This fight allowed Boruto to become more aware of his karma, but on the other hand, he ran out of energy losing control of her body to Momoshiki.

The new appearance of Borushiki allows viewers to test the power of this dangerous character who put an end to Sasuke Uchiha's Rinnegan. In quick succession, Borushiki hurls three Titanic Rasengans, convincing Tails to flee. However, while attempting to kidnap Kawaki, Tails is injured by a Rasengan bullet.

At this point, two more pawns arrive on the battlefield. Shikamaru uses his Shadow Technique to stop Borushiki while Naruto Sage Mode saves Kawaki. With her arrival, however the situation is coming to a head.

Tails takes Shikamaru hostage and suggests that Momoshiki side with him and kill the Seventh Hokage to avenge his death. Momoshiki agrees and prepares a Titanic Rasengan in Boruto's body Kill Naruto.

Naruto's impending death allowed Kawaki to awaken Karma, implanted back into his body by Amado. Now in possession of the powers that once belonged to Isshiki, Kawaki manages to absorb Boruto's Rasengan and save the Hokage.

So start one unexpected fight, which is between Boruto, who is controlled by Momoshiki, and Kawaki, who is now able to control the Daikokuten and the Sukunahikona. Mid-fight, Boruto manages to open his eyes again and take partial control of his body, allowing Kawaki to deliver a decisive blow. In order to destroy Boruto with the giant cubes summoned by the Daikokuten, Naruto intervenes on his son's behalf.

Naruto hugs Borushiki and has no intention of allowing Kawaki to eliminate his son. However, a resigned Boruto drives his father away with Wind Release and begs his brother to kill him. So, Kawaki stabs Boruto, killing him with karma powers.

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