In the final chapters of Black clover There have been multiple battles with Asta and Companions as protagonists against the Kingdom of Swords, and Chapter 293, available on Manga Plus, definitely seems to have completed one of the most spectacular and intense clashes of not just the current narrative arc, but the entire Yuki signed series Tabata.

By title "Smash injustice"The chapter in question focuses entirely on the comparison between Magna Swing and Dante of the Dark Triad, who fell victim to the new technology developed by the member of the Black Bull. Secret Flame Magic: Soul Chain Death Matchfaced a stronger opponent than expected.

By evenly redistributing the sum of her magical powers, Magna Dantes could become equal and be guided by the words Yami, who once called him the bravest on the battlefieldhe decided to unleash all his energy and resentment about the past in the most important fight of his life. Dante seems confident during all swaps until the power of both is exhausted, and The antagonist loses its connection with Luciferas well as regenerative and gravity skills.

After Magna has been defined as nothing, Dante knocks it down with a powerful blow, which is followed by breaking the chain formed by the technique a liberating and suffering cry from the boywho has finally proven to everyone, including Asta, that he is an extremely skilled fighter and companion.

Recall that Tabata has a great passion for Berserk as evidenced by the numerous references of his work and we leave you to Toriyama's comments on Black Clover.

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