Naruto is one of the most famous and popular manga in the world, and the same goes for its animated adaptation. But music also helps make an anime great, and Naruto's OSTs are among otaku's favorites everywhere. But what will it be Opening most popular by the Japanese public?

As Crunchyroll also reports, the Japanese site NetLab has started a survey among more than 4,000 fans of the anime from the work of Masashi Kishimoto to find out what the openings of Naruto (all series included) that you love the most.

From what we can see, thanks Top 10 which you can also find below, it ranges from the second opening of the anime sung by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (who will also take care of the OST of the third film of My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission) to the poignant sign of the RIVER.

Let's see which ones Opening of Naruto have conquered Japanese fans:

10. Toumei datta Sekai - Motohiro Hata (141)

9. Karano Kokoro -Anly (143)

8th. Diver - NICO touches the walls (146)

7th Seishun Kyousoukyoku - Sambo Masters (148)

6th Haruka Kanata - ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION (152)

5. Blue Bird - Ikimonogakari (240)

4th WALK !!! - FLOW (270)

3. Niwaka Ame ni mo Makezu - NICO touches the walls (285)

2. sign - FLOW (588)

1. silhouette - KANA BOOM (728)

And what do you think instead? What are your favorites Let us know in the comments.

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