In the previous chapter, we left Goku ready to take revenge for the instant defeat he suffered. The Saiyan had indeed been knocked down by Granolah and was only saved thanks to the intervention of Vegeta, who had Senzu with him. By doing Spoilers from Chapter 73 of Dragon Ball Super the fight between the two continues.

As we can see in the spoilers at the end of the article shared by user DBSChronicles on Twitter, Goku seems serious this time around. Harnessing the power of Ultra Instinct, Kakarot causes a series of devastating punches to punch to the supposed antagonist who goes through it completely and lands on the mat. Or so it seems.

In fact, we see in the tables below that Granolahs was just a staging. When Goku approaches him, the cereal actually says that he had previously split power; the one Goku fought with it was just an illusion. Amazed, and again with his vigilance, Goku suffers a blow in the chest that sends him permanently to the ground.

Passed out and finally defeated, Goku leaves room for Vegetawho, without worrying about his friend, is ready to fight. "That idiot is down right now, so leave him alone. From now on you will fight with me. "

When the chapter releases on MangaPlus on June 20th, we will see the battle between Vegeta and Granolah. In the meantime, there are more Dragon Ball Super 73 spoilers from Ryokutya here. Little talk and a lot of action in the official Dragon Ball Super 73 spoilers.

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