Thanks to recent successes and the events that move the plot towards very interesting developments, ONE PIECE The talk is again, and the revelations that came after a recent interview between Eiichiro Oda and Nobuihiro Watsuki, author of Kenshin Samurai Vagabondo, sparked further interest in the community.

The two mangakas seem to have discussed numerous details about her main worksand although Watsuki has repeatedly asked his colleague over the years to personally reveal or anticipate hidden details, Oda has always remained vague. As you can see from the posts at the bottom of the page, the user @sandman_AP has summarized the interviews contained in the official art book for Kenshin Samurai Vagabondo published a few days ago shortly after the first chapter was published, Oda was already planning to lose an eye on Roronoa Zoro.

Even today, many wonder how the able Mugiwara swordsman managed to suffer a wound of such gravity, and although it is plausible to believe so the result of hard training with MihawkDuring the two years of the time jump, this hypothesis has yet to be confirmed in the manga. It remains very interesting that the author had a design change in mind for one of the protagonists about 20 years ago. Decision that also influenced the making of some characters from the Gun Blaze West seriesby Watsuki.

Recall that Perona and Mihawk were recently honored with a majestic statue, and we'll leave you to rank the top five Rogia Devil Fruits.

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