Summer Time Rendering, the critically acclaimed science fiction thriller directed by Yasuki Tanaka and published in Italy by Star Comics, ended with the release of Chapter 139 today, January 31, 2021. Associated with the arrival of the grand finale Shueisha has confirmed the production of two adaptations, an anime series and a live action.

Star Comics describes the plot of the manga as follows: "Shinpei, who grew up on Hitogashima Island, has lived in Tokyo since graduating from middle school. But one day he receives sad news: Ushio, his great childhood friend, suddenly disappeared in an accident at sea. Back on the island to attend the funeral, in contact with the small and closed community from which he emerged, the young man will be forced to grapple with the shadows that fall over the people of the island. But mysterious circumstances will emerge regarding Ushio's death, and when inexplicable events occur, Shinpei will get caught in a dark and dramatic spiral.".

The manga was published in Japan from October 23, 2017 to date and has 12 volumes plus one in the coming months. Star Comics has been selling the series in Italy since 2019 and has already published the first nine volumes. As for general reception, the series has had some success in the east. where it was even recommended by Koehi Horikohi, Author of My Hero Academia.

We are waiting for and reminding you of new information about anime and live action The series is also available on Manga Plus.

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