On August 7th, Episode 261 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations debuted, an episode that ushered in a new original saga and a New Year at the Konoha Ninja Academy. At the end of October, the adventure of Kawaki and Himawari could come to an end.

Boruto's Ninja Academy story arc is one of the funniest in the entire anime. However, events could soon take a darker turn by leaving Complete this portion of Studio Pierrot's production.

During the preparations for the game of Boruto 267, Kae is attacked by a mysterious killer. Apparently there is someone who would like to see the Princess of Bamboo Land die as the next heir to the throne. She will stay in Kawaki and defend her new boyfriend.

That Boruto episode titles and air dates which will be broadcast in October. That Boruto Episode 271 will air on October 16th, titled "The Island of Betrayal". Probably, Kawaki has to travel to an island near the Land of Fire to investigate Kae's killer.

That On October 23rd it's Boruto 272's turn, entitled "United Students". The Ninja Academy students will band together to fight the criminal organization that wants Kae dead. Finally, that Boruto Episode 273 will be released on October 30th, titled "Goodbye Ninja Academy". This will probably be the last part of this original saga. And do you like that story arc, or did you prefer to skip it while waiting for the manga adaptation?

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