The fourth installment in the crossover comic series Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point gave the narrative a decidedly darker twist. In fact, this volume was marked by the death of one of the most beloved characters by readers. Let's find out what happened and who it is.

Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point # 4 begins with a brief fist fight between Batman and Deathstroke, who previously captured Catwoman. After taking on the role of leader, the Dark Knight shows his detective skills and tries to figure out how to do it finally flee the island the royal battle.

The trio of DC Comics superheroes is joined by a group of Fortnite characters, including the popular Fishstick, which is two-legged with a fish head. At Batman's request Fish fingers separate from the others and goes looking for traps.

Suddenly, however, a commotion pulls the group to the place where Fishstick had gone. Under a pile of rubble, Batman finds the Fishman's battered corpse. Although Batman is trying to cure him with a medkit, Fishstick is now surrender to his fate fat; there is no more time to save it. The Fortnite hero exhales his last breaths, gives Batman a mysterious device and warns him not to trust anyone.

Here's the whole truth about the mysterious Batman / Fortnite Zero Point.

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