there sixth season of My Hero Academia it has already claimed several illustrious victims. If Hawks managed to kill Twice, who with his Quirk could have ended the war in minutes, the heroes suffered much heavier casualties.

The Awakening of Tomura Shigaraki has reshuffled the cards on the table. With a display of excessive power, the young villain heir to All For One has blown the air around him This will kill brave heroes like X-Less and Crust. In My Hero Academia 6x07 it's time for a new farewell.

The call of the master has unleashed the rampant onslaught of the Gigantomachy in My Hero Academia 6 Kamui Wood and Midnight to approach the villain to try to stop him.

With her power, the Yuei High School teacher is the only one who can stand up to Machia. However, the two heroes do not notice that the members of the union are sitting on the shoulders of the colossus and midnight is approaching overwhelmed by Mr. Compress's attacks.

Struck by heavy boulders in mid-flight, the R-rated heroin lands badly injured on the canvas. At this point, he contacts Yaoyorozu and confides in his students an important plan. However, it comes soon after supported by Re-Destros army. Powerless and crushed in numbers, Midnight is running out of time. It's time for Nemuri Kamaya to say goodbye.

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