ONE PIECE recently reached a very important milestone with the release of Chapter 1,000, which continues the story of Wano's war with the Straw Hat Pirates and faces Kaido, Big Mom and the dozen of swordsmen who make up the Beast Pirates.

We seem to have got gods Clues as to what the two toughest villains in the entire arc have in store for the world. As the worst generation teens battle with Wano's henchmen, fans try to figure out who will win in one of the greatest battles in the Eiichiro Oda universe.

As members of the worst generation Luffy, Zoro, Trafalgar Law, Kid and Killer prepare to fight Kaido and Big MomThe duo of mighty pirates has surprisingly succeeded in causing damage.

Luffy managed to land a couple of hits against Kaido, but his powers have consequences. In fact, the rubber pirate will be forced to stop for a few minutes after the start of its attack because it is unable to use Haki's power. Since Big Mom and Kaido destroy everything on their way, the last cartoon gives us an interesting clue that makes us understand how serious the two pirates are during this fight.

Kaido has always fought in his dragon form in the fight against the worst generationwhat he can get devil fruit thanks to Uo Uo No Mis, but in the final moments of the chapter he seems to be using a new technique that combines his normal aspect and dragon shape.

Needless to say, the Straw Hat pirates and their allies are facing one of the toughest battles ever. And when our pirates land on the video game Among Us, a death warrant comes in chapter 1004 of ONE PIECE.

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