Recently My hero academia makes headlines for a supposedly somewhat ironic and surprising Easter egg: In the presentation poster of the third film, the main protagonist Deku appears to be in the iconic pose of John Cena, actor and WWE star.

The My Hero Academia x John Cena edition continues to fuel the community’s dreams. What seemed like a coincidence has turned into a real one Mass phenomenon, powered by the WWE star who shared the poster for the next My Hero Academia movie.

Following that, fans didn’t do anything but go wild and imagine what role John Cena could or even play in The Three Musketeers bring him into the heroic world created by Kohei Horikoshi.

Among the funniest works created by the fan base, we can find some in which the actor and wrestler wears that Deku hero costume and replicates his “You can’t see me” icon just like Midoriya did in the movie’s promotional image. According to other bizarre theories, Cena would have been one of the owners of One For All.

How will this great debate end? Will John Cena actually somehow participate in the third film in the franchise?

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