The official Twitter profile of Los Angeles chargers, the NFL soccer team, recently launched Attack on Titan with a nice contribution depicting DL Joey Bosa during the military salute of the Recognitive Army. The post exploded on social media and received tens of thousands of interactions.

This isn't the first time a team or NFL player has mentioned The Attack of the Giants, one of the most popular and beloved anime in North America. For example, a few months ago the Kansas City Chiefs quoted the series after watching the final of the 54th edition of the Super Bowl, with a fun video showing the Chiefs MVP Mahomes while cutting the neck of the retreating titan Derrick Henry.

The Attack of the Giants 4 will be the final season of the anime, which comes from Hajime Isayama's paper work, and only a few days separate us from the big debut. In Italy the series will be broadcast in simulcast from December 8th and in simulcast from December 19th, both on VVVVID and on Amazon Prime Video. We remind you that the season could be divided into two courts.

What do you think about it? Are you satisfied with the popularity of this work? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! In the meantime, we greet you by advising you to take a look at the latest Crunchyroll poll, which lists the twenty characters from the fan-favorite anime.

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