After almost six years of operation, VTuber Kizuna AI's anime dream comes true, now officially titled Kizuna no allele. What surprises will this particular project, due to come out in 2023, reveal to us?

We're not new to characters building a web from the ground up entertainment empire, such is the case with the milestone of 6 million followers for Amouranth. For Kizuna Ai, however, the numbers are staggering: 3 million super passionate followers. The success therefore enables her to take a big step into the entertainment industry.

It was February, at the virtual concert called Hello world 2022 by Kizuna Ai, which took place after her streaming hiatus officially began. Even as the hiatus continues, VTuber hinted at future projects, saying: "I think you've heard terms like Metaverse and NFT lately. It seems to be a complex world, but at the same time new and fun".

The entrepreneur commissioned her virtual avatar from artist En Morikura, who returns to the stage with the character's new key visual for the anime, which can be seen at the end of the news. In this Kizuna Ai brings her palms together on her chest, eyes closed, face in profile and hair blowing in the wind. At the top right of the picture is lstylish logo from the anime Kizuna no Allele, dyed in a shade ranging from indigo to blue to fuchsia. The idol's outfit is flashy yet elegant, with colorful neon ornaments on her robes. Isaribi also revealed a screenshot of the anime:

What do you think of these promotional images from Kizuna no allele? In the meantime, we refer you to the announcement of the streaming release of Zen - Grogu and Dust Buennies, historic news of the day.

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