dragon ball is one of the biggest anime series and its manga helped change the shonen genre forever. Akira Toriyama is still overseeing the series after all this time, and with every year that goes by, Goku's first appearances become more and more valuable. And the classic scam recently took place in an auction!

Not even Bandai Namco's new Dragon Ball suit would match the performance level of the Collector who defeated the smuggler. Asahi Shimbun reports, a man in Tokyo attempted the scam of the century. He was arrested by authorities for selling a fake 1984 Dragon Ball debut edition online.

Initially, however, the attacker received a good $1,200 from the buyer He is a big Dragon Ball fan and already owns several prints the debut number of Dragon Ball in the weekly Shonen Leap. So it's easy were able to tell the difference from the counterfeit item. In fact, the pages of the forgery were held together by glue rather than glue stapled. The quality of the paper used was also very poor. The price was also ambiguous as copies of the issue cost around $2,000.

If a deal is too good to believe, it could be because it is. That manga fakes They are something to watch out for, and these scams are becoming more and more common. Collecting Toriyama's masterpiece in his historical prints is getting more and more expensive and Apple is taking care of it with the bullet-seeking radar to give us the tools for a Shenron Christmas miracle!

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