To be published by TO Books, the light novel series, from August 2018 The weakest tamer went on a journey to pick up garbagewritten by Honobonoru500 and illustrated by Nama, has already inspired a manga adaptation and now, thanks to its huge success in Japan, an animated adaptation is imminent.

The confirmation came from the same publisher that shared the nice news on November 11, 2022 key visual which you can find at the bottom of the page. No other details have been announced at this time, such as the animation studio or some of the characters involved in the production, but taking into account the Launch of the official website we can expect updates soon.

For those who want to approach the series for the first time, here is the official presentation: "Young Ivy can't stop. Though he has few memories of his past life, Ivy was reborn in an RPG style world, and is of the weakest class and lowest rank. A starless tamer who even her parents wouldn't have anything to do with, Ivy quickly realizes that she must survive by relying only on herself. He quickly learns how to live without a home and rescue abandoned possessions of others. But if he can tame Sora, a little slime, his life changes. There's something special about this little monster, and Ivy will try to take care of it as best she can.

An interesting addition to the Isekai genre, one of the most successful of recent years, and to which the anime of Handyman Saitou in Another World and Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill will soon be added.

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