The series Pokémon Exploration is in the final phase. Ash and Dandel's challenge is at its peak and the original Pallet Town trainer has nothing to rely on but the power of Pikachu, who managed to stay by his side to the end.

In the latest episode of Pokémon: Explorations, the Charizard Gigamax by Dandel He's about to get into serious trouble and fans around the world are excited to see what will happen. Not much is missing now, but to sweeten the wait comes the preview of Episode 132 of Pokémon: Explorations, visible at the top of the page.

The preview shows us immediately theArrival of the Eternatus, the legendary Pokemon of Sword and Shield that raises the sky of the stadium. A few seconds later, we see Dandel's Charizard heavily attacking Pikachu, which he counters with unstoppable determination.

The excitement is sky high: even if Ash and Pikachu took down Charizard, Dandel would still have his Cinderace in perfect shape. The first clip of the preview, on the other hand, shows us that under clear skies, at the passage of Eternatus, Pikachu is on Ash's lap while wearing his hat. Curious and relaxed, the two look up at the sky. That the anime hints at Ash's spiritual victory rather than one that could make him world champion?

The title of Pokémon: Explorations 132 is Finale IV: "Companion" and will be released on November 11th. What do you think of the preview? We are looking forward to your impressions!

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