Bleach's Thousand Years Bloody War Saga among other things, she has already distinguished herself in order not to skimp on violence. The advance of the Wandenreich Empire is literally wiping out the lives of immense numbers of shinigami and arrancars.

The pain of seeing your favorite characters fall would bring down even the most insensitive fan. Zaraki's debut in the Thousand Years' War it offers hope for a return to peace, but the harsh truth is that many sacrifices will still grieve us Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Experience. The father of the franchise Tite Kubo therefore decides to pay homage to one. This is the protagonist of the mass murder that brought back Soul Society's hatred of the Quincy: Chojiro Sasakibe.

The 1st Division Lieutenant is the item for aIllustration by Kubo published on November 7th on the official Twitter profile. The Bleach writer used last episode's flashback to share this new sketch of young Chojiro. It is immediately noticeable that the boy is portrayed as very young. Definitely long before his unfortunate encounter with Wandenreich. Chojiro wears a jacket and tie and watches us in the rain with a deeply melancholy look.

What do you think about this last meeting with Chojiro? While waiting for the next episode of the anime, we leave you with the preview of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War 1x06.

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