Ash Ketchum's win over Lilia of the Kalos Elite Four allowed the protagonist to move closer to the top of the World Coronation Series. Before Laburno faces in the masterclass as expected in the episode 108 preview of Pokémon Explorationhowever, Ketchum opts for a more specialized workout.

Thanks to Peculiarity of constant travel between one region and another The final season of the Pokémon anime allowed the writers to bring back many faces that long-time fans already know and have been waiting for, like the actress Serena and the champion Camilla.

Apparently, Ash's constant movement brought him back to meet his old Pokemon in Episode 108, as the title suggests "Lucario and Greninja! The guiding aura of destiny!”the coach will return to Kalos to prepare Lucario as best as possible and put him up against a much stronger opponent: his Greninja.

The clash was awaited by the official site of the Pokémon anime with the post that you can see at the bottom of the site, where images were also shared. Despite Greninja quickly proved more powerful and quickly from Lucario, Ash's old companion decides to communicate with Lucario and give him valuable advice and guidance on how to fight better.

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