The community of berserk had to say goodbye to its creator in May 2021, more than a year ago. However, thanks to the help of Studio Gaga and mangaka Kouji Mori, Hakusensha will continue to publish the chapters of Berserk until the end of the story. And the first to be part of this new round is Berserk 365.

Griffith's arrival on the island of elves is punctuated first by a color page celebrating the return of Berserk, and then a brief overview of other locations on the island, with the elven pack first, with everyone understanding that something terrible is there imminent . Caska emerges and notices Griffith causing his Cursed Mark to boil and bleed. Shierke is also struck by Griffith's gaze as Gatsu rushes to attack with his sword. final chapter 365 of Berserker.

But also a second chapter was published about Young Animal, Berserk 366. Gatsu punches Griffith but does not appear to harm him as if the man is ethereal. The Black Knight keeps slicing through the air left and right, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Farnese stops Shierke, who was approaching this terrifying entity in astral form. Pak also comes into the area and watches the situation from above, while Gatsu now seems out of breath. Suddenly a huge hand appears from the sky and tries to grab the protagonist: it is Zodd the immortal who has arrived on the island.

That The next chapter of Berserk will be out in two weeks.

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