After the time skip, there was a jolt not only in the ranks of the pirates, but also in the marines of ONE PIECE. THE three admirals They were reduced with the promotion of Akainu to Grand Admiral and with the defection of Aokiji. Only Kizaru remained at his post, while one of those roles was filled by the blind gravity fighter Fujitora.

Instead, little or nothing was known about Ryokugyu. However, the third and final admiral of the current ONE PIECE naval group appeared in chapter 1053, the last before the long hiatus. What is the name of Ryokugyu?? Like Akainu and the others, he has a real name and not just an admiral's nickname. The Navy's Green Bull is actually called Aramaki.

And instead, What is the power of Ryokugyu's Devil Fruit? Although the name of its fruit is not yet known, it is clear that it has something to do with flowers and plants and for this reason it could be a Paramisha. A few chapters ago, Ryokugyu was shown to be able to sprout a flower from his shoulders to fly, while in ONE PIECE 1053 he spawned tendrils of fingers that sucked the life force from the king, queen, and Udon's other prisoners. That might explain why the admiral said he hadn't eaten in years. He also carries a sword with him.

There are other interesting features: Ryokugyu is a big Akainu fan and for this he follows his own sense of justice, an absolute and inexorable justice. Its colors are not known, but given the name, it could have green hair or a green outfit. Finally, he has the phrase "Couple Suicide in the River of Death" tattooed on the left side of his torso.

In the next few chapters, Eiichiro Oda will surely reveal some more details about this character after his return.

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