You can’t buy food while exercising, and Chi-Chi knows that well. Because of this, he has always tried to get Goku to find a job for several years as the Tenkaichi tournament money and inheritances are getting tight. The The protagonist of Dragon Ball Super then had to take a new job in Chapter 71.

This time, however, the job is not to be a driver or to plow some fields for cultivation. In fact, Goku – as well as Vegeta, who are also involved in the situation – will grapple with a Heeter strategy. In chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super, Maki came to earth and did convinced Chichi to ask Goku to work for her in exchange for payment, and the woman certainly couldn’t miss the opportunity as resources were running out.

After Goku received the angel symbol from Whis, he left Beerus’ planet and returned to Capsule Corporation, where he accepted the job: Take care of Granolah and make it harmless. The two Saiyajins will then be housed on the Heeter spaceship, where they can live and train throughout the journey to the planet Grain.

The Work is definitely on Goku’s ropesSince this is a fight, the risk of either ending up in the Heeter parcels or being killed by Granolah is very high.

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