Almost 20 years have passed since it was first published Weekly Shonen Leap and Over 15 from the anime finale. But Death Note is still a cult today. Sketched by Tsugumi Ohba, made all the more intriguing by the wonderful drawings by Takeshi Obata, the story can’t help but be impressed by its morality and continuation.

The challenge between Light Yagami and Detective L marked a slice of the Japanese comic industry, with a back-and-forth second to none. The psychological challenge then deviated from the original path with the entry in the casting of a female exponent of weight who Gothic Lolita Model Misa Amane. Also, she, in possession of a Death Note given to her by the Shinigami Rem, will set her mind to help Kira, and therefore Light, in any way she can.

Misa’s charm has always impressed anime viewers. For this reason, it is still a very popular cosplay today. Russian model Grusha then proposed one Cosplay of Misa Amane with the Death Note and a dress that references the look that the girl from Ohba and Obata’s manga loves the most. But be careful that she doesn’t write your name on the death notebook she’s holding.

Here is a cosplay of Misa Amane with special clothes.

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