All is not lost: even as My Hero Academia society collapses under pressure from All for One's criminals, a wall of justice has been erected to keep the villain tide at bay. However, it requires Endeavor's strength and top heroes called to arms to succeed Face All for One.

My Hero Academia 355 reviews the fight with the strongest villain. Endeavor is on the ground, bleeding, pondering what happened, while Hawks realizes from afar that his colleague is still alive. For now, he decides to focus on fighting with All for One, aided by Tokoyami and Jirou.

The super villain doesn't like the presence of the two young heroes, who are only seen as extras in a war bigger than them. All for One then launches left and right attacks and eventually manages to find an effect Cut off Jirou's left ear and hawks block. However, the young student of 1-A certainly doesn't stop and launches a shockwave so strong that it keeps All for One blocked, also stopped by the intervention of the Quirks' will within her due to the interference of the New Order.

Hawks takes advantage of this moment and once again hits the All for One sweet spot and eventually makes it Destroy the mask. My Hero Academia will be on hiatus for the following week.

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