The ONE PIECE timeline has seen a number of sagas. In the beginning was East Blue, and Luffy had to struggle to find a way to move from one island to another. Then came the Rotta Maggiore, there were so many bloody challenges that the crew split up and got back together. And after so many adventures They arrived in Wano.

It was here that the most important fight took place with Luffy, who defeated Kaido and put an end to his ambitions. But now there are other things to take care of. While Vinsmoke at Whole Cake Island, all four of those are free Chapter 1051 of ONE PIECE with a great speech. The citizens calm down and start projecting what is happening in the flower capital onto the rest of the island. The Red Sheaths reveal themselves and bow as Yamato introduces himself to the rest of the crew and tells them he will be entering the Mugiwara.

Momonosuke, meanwhile, appears unnoticed in the smoke and begins a speech in which he clarifies that Wano will be free from now on. No more hunger or thirst, no more slavery: the rule of Orochi and Kaido is ended and he, Momonosuke Kozuki, will lead the island towards a new era of peace and prosperitythen confirmed by a final narrative text that closes with a bang ONE PIECE 1051.

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