Hawks and Endeavor's mission as they face All For One in the final war between heroes and villains has seen significant repercussions. In Chapter 355 of My hero academy Kohei Horikoshi actually wanted to demonstrate the value of the determination of two young heroes, even against an antagonist like All For One.

Overwhelmed by provocations of the villain, Endeavor struck at him, then was brutally wounded and left the battlefield for a moment. Luckily for Hawks, Kyoka and Tsukuyomi came to his rescue. While the first managed to stun, it seemed to awaken the one as well Quirks slumber in All For One, who rebel With the villain, the latter could hit the villain's only weak point with a devastating attack, to say the least.

As you can see from the tables shared by user @Shonen_Joene, Tsukuyomi Not only did he promptly save his companion from the All For One threat, but he also managed to unleash the power of the Dark Shadow in a spectacular event Abyssal Black Body Ragnarok Fleeting Strike. Despite All For One's instant response, with the return of Endeavor, the heroes can now seriously aim to destroy the villain, and that's also thanks to Tsukuyomi's courage and strength.

Finally, we leave you to the spoilers of Chapter 357 of My Hero Academia, out on Manga Plus on Sunday June 26, 2022.

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