The fate of The attack of the giants 4, the most anticipated final season in the current generation's animation landscape, hangs by a thread as several clues appear to have confirmed the anime debut's postponement. Some broadcasters have taken the fourth series out of their program and put a powder keg on the case.

As if that wasn't enough in itself, the announcement of a new anime under the MAPPA Studio, slated to come back on the market in October, increasing the possible TV series to 3 in a single season, has the hopes of being able to admire further impaired. the beginning of the final season of The Attack of the Giants through 2020. But to give back some hope regarding the future of the manga adaptation of Hajime Isayama is a well-known insider, SPY, the same one who recently confirmed a second season in production for Tower of God.

The famous user has returned after a few weeks of hiatus in the past few hours to drop a small and sensational bomb: The Giants 4 attack is confirmed for the fall season and barring any unforeseen circumstances, it will be shown in a new trailer between late September and early October. Not even a few minutes later the portal from Kudasi reported the same news and confirmed the preview of the anime through 2020, underscoring the arrival of official information already in the coming weeks.

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