The last volume of Batman sees a Bruce Wayne who is old and alone now. Gotham City residents need a new hero, but who can take the reins of the city and reap the legacy of Batman?

In Batman # 105 The dark hero is locked up by Ghost-Maker, supported by Harley Quinn and Clownhunter. The Bat-Man is released and challenges his rival with sword strokes while having a long and pleasant conversation. Bruce suddenly drops his blade on the ground, but Ghost-Maker states that instead of killing him, he's going to leave town. At this point a sensational event occurs.

Batman makes the jump and loudly asks Ghots-Maker to stay. When asked about the reason for this strange request, Bruce states that the end is near for him. ""I'm getting old and this city is getting young. I don't have the resources I had or the allies within law enforcement and city government. I would like help. I've made so many mistakes since Alfred died".

Ghost Maker, however, first it seems reluctant. ""I will not carry a bat on my chest"But Batman says he will never ask him and the only rule is not to kill. That makes the job a much more complex challenge. The answer is ultimately positive."i think i can do it".

The new hero of Batman was finally named, but not even the time of honors when the Gotham Symphony Orchestra is kidnapped. The duo asked each other to arrive on site and set off on their first mission. What do you think of the request? Do you think that after so many years, Bruce Wayne needs to make room for new heroes to defend Gotham? The writers of Ultraman are working on the Batman Justice Buster manga. The Batman anthology series continues after Future State DC.

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