Spy x family, with its literally depopulating anime, it's definitely the comedy opera of the moment. Thanks to the spy Twilight, the little telepath Anya and his killer wife Yor, the Forger family becomes one of the most bizarre to ever grace the screen, just as bizarre were their adventures in the first four episodes.

Spy x Family author Tatsuya Endo recently spoke about his admiration for Hunter x Hunter and praising its creator Yoshihiro Togashi. Though the two never worked together, Endo still boasts his name in important works, having also served as an assistant to Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura on Spokon Blue Castle.

Nomura must have remained particularly attached to Tatsuya Endo, and for that he created a 'Illustration celebrating the anime Spy x Family. As we can see in @tweetmanarock69the characters designed by Yusuke Nomura may not be familiar to those who watch the work's anime, while the manga's readers certainly had the opportunity to appreciate them.

The two characters designed by Nomura are indeed Yuri Briar and Fiona, respectively Yor's super jealous brother and a Twilight colleague who is also madly in love with him. They are yet to make their anime debut and on the artwork we see them face to face with the kanji spelling the word 'LOVE' in their eyes.

After the anime release, the Spy x Family manga sold over 1 million copies in 10 days, confirming the insane success of the production CloverWorks and Wit Studio. Tatsuya Endo, now in the 67th chapter of the work, cannot help but continue on the path she has taken so far with satisfaction.

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