The queen of the spring 2022 program anime series has reached the airing of the fourth episode. Three of the Japanese voice actors performed to celebrate the show Spy x family They were called to try their hand at official illustrations.

It has become a new trend for animators promote their work by publishing illustrations officially about social. With these posters, the Spy x Family team shows itself to be different from everyone else.

The Spy x Family 1x04 elegance test might not have passed with flying colours. there Forger familyIn fact, she had to contend with what has been dubbed the most hated anime character of 2022.

While waiting to know if Anya can access Eden, the anime series' original voice actors have shared a few Artwork dedicated to the fourth installment. The first drawing is that of Takuya Eguchi, the voice of Agent Twilight. This mess sees Loid, Anya, and Yor gathered near a clock.

The second illustration was made by instead Saori Hayami, who plays Yor Briar. The author changes, but not the content. This Doodle sees the three family members sitting on a comfortable sofa. Thoughts are floating above their heads about what happened during the interview.

The final sketch is here Atsumi Tanezaki, which doubles little Anya. Starring the three protagonists and the elegant caretaker of Eden in this dynamic illustration, the best of the three. Which of these three pastrocchi do you prefer?

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