On the Japanese release of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero There is still a month to go, but the community is no longer in the skin to find out what will happen during the film. As has been known for a long time, Gohan will dominate the scene. Will Goku's eldest son have to fight an old enemy of his? A hint, it seems to confirm it.

Due to the delay caused byHacking at TOEI Animation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero promotional material is wasted. In particular, it's the franchise's video games that are driving the hype surrounding the film.

Following the artwork of Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 from Dragon Ball Legends, this is it Dragonball Heroes, arcade video game that inspired the commercial of the same name to promote the feature film in 3DCG. However, this collaboration between the two products seems to confirm one of the fan theories. Will Cell make the superhero list?

That The role of antagonists is entrusted to Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, but these appear to be just two pawns in the Red Band's hands to create something bigger. According to fan assumptions, Dr. Hedo actually revive an even more powerful version of the Perfect Being.

The clues to Cell's return are numerous, the last of which is Collaboration between Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and Dragon Ball Heroes. The game offers a limited event where users who sign up can collect a special prize. There seems to be one underneath, as has appeared on the net perfect cell. And you, would you like him to return to battle? The android would finally find a way to get revenge on Gohan.

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