Blood, violence and action characterized the first four episodes of chainsaw man. The anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto's work of the same name continues to introduce viewers to a new, terrifying threat that Denji must face on behalf of Makima.

The anime Chainsaw Man picks up this scene between Denji and Power. L'Chainsaw Man can finally claim his reward, that is, to feel the girl's breasts. However, after three strokes, Denji's life seems to have no meaning anymore. The dream he was trying so hard to achieve only brought him dissatisfaction.

Back at the office to take care of the paperwork, he reveals his impatience to Makima. And what if every time he grants his wish, he finds that the difficult path he walked made no sense? In Chainsaw Man 1x05, Makima then allows him to feel one of her breasts, which he makes him promise Defeat the Devil Gun, a devil who appeared years earlier before claiming over a million victims and then vanishing into thin air. In return, Denji can demand anything.

In order to find the location of the devil's gun, which has been unknown for some time, it is first necessary to accumulate parts of its flesh, which attract each other like magnets. However, these pieces scattered from his passage were devoured by the common devils. This is how one begins new mission for the team led by Aki.

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