Takeshi Shudo was one of the best known names in the Pokémon anime. It is no coincidence that he is one of the creators of the animated series and screenwriter of some films, especially the first. In Pokémon Mewtwo, it still strikes that it has recently had a 3DCG makeover, the protagonist was destined for a much darker and sadder ending than planned.

Shudo, who passed away in 2010, had plans to present fans with a final very different from that realized. In one of the old interviews recently translated by the fan Dr. Lava, we find out what the projects of the creator of the Pokémon anime were.

The Pokémon movie: Mewtwo Strikes Still had to see in the final moments a very aged Ash Ketchum while he remembered his coaching days with his friends and Pikachu, as well as the many challenges with Team Rocket. In the last moments, which probably coincided with the death of old Ash, the coach would have awakened again when he was young. According to Shudo's plans, on waking Ash would no longer cultivate the desire to become a pokémon coach but to understand what the meaning behind life was and why he was in the world, bringing him somehow closer to Mewtwo.

There new adventure planned by Takeshi Shudo for Ash would have been much darker and after a passage through death. Clearly this dark project wasn't accepted for the Pokémon movie finale, would you have liked it? The recent remake also made its debut on Netflix in fifth place in the ranking of the most viewed.

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