Lady Gaga becomes a Digimon with this unexpected fan art

The world of Digimon Adventure it is full of monstrous creatures or inspired by existing animals or that were long ago. An example is Agumon who, with his digivolutions, digs handsomely out of the world of dinosaurs. But there are also others much more humanoid such as the pair of angels formed by Angemon and Angewomon.

The latter is the evolution of Gatomon and was fundamental in the first series of Digimon to transform Agumon into Wargreymon and thus beat VenomMyotismon. In this new Digimon Adventure 2020 series still has to make an appearance, but the episodes so far broadcast are few and therefore it is not surprising.

However fan Carlos Gzz on Twitter has decided to bring her back into the spotlight by creating a rather unexpected fan art. The designer has indeed united the digimon Angewomon with the American pop star Lady Gaga. The singer of Italian origins finds herself unwittingly playing the role of the angelic digimon in the design you can see in the tweet below. The play of lights makes Lady Gaga look like a real divinity.

Pending the return of Digimon Adventure 2020, suspended for the Coronavirus, the fans have had their say on the top 10 of the best Digimon of all time.

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