Akira Toriyama's brilliant idea of ​​merging two bodies into an even more powerful warrior was a useful tool in saving the protagonists from a great threat. However, there are two different flavors of Fusion that culminate in two different personalities, that of Vegetto and Gogeta.

Throughout the history of the franchise, the two legendary heroes, Goku and VegetaThey faced increasingly insurmountable obstacles. Also in Dragon Ball Super They couldn't help but use their ace in the hole against the deadly Zamasu or even Broly in the last film in the saga, which was entirely dedicated to him. Therefore, over time, the internal debate between Vegetto and Gogeta has intensified, in this case between which of the two is really the most powerful fighter.

But is that the origin of the two mergers? Explaining it is the same Akira Toriyama on the occasion of the release of the sixth edition of Dragon Ball Daizenshuu, in which he explained the reasons. Self Gogeta It was a decision made solely for feature films on the big screen. On the other hand, the sensei felt the need to have a counterpart for Goku and Vegeta that he could also use in the manga. In fact, the Potara earrings initially only had a decorative role, but after seeing the outcome of the film, he realized that he could use them in other ways. Hence a series of experiments was born Vegetto.

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