The Neon Genesis Evangelion is a real money grinder in the Japanese area is now known. Shinji and the other protagonists have all kinds of goods, from credit cards to jewelry, but the new initiative is surprising ... and appetizing!

L 'Zensho restaurant companyThe owner of some of the biggest names in Japanese restaurants like Sukiya and Big Boy believed that Evangelion's popularity sparked by the movie's upcoming release could boost business in a not-so-brilliant time.

The restaurant chains of Big Boy, Nakau, Hamazushi and Coco's Restaurant offer delicious themed dishes and exclusive products as an incentive for a visit. eat in their premises. Each of the five Evangelion Cast pilots will represent a single chain, and the merchandise will feature works of art modeled after the restaurant in question.

If you order one of the Evangelion-themed dishes from the menu, you will receive a special menu for the restaurant you visit. This special marketing campaign will run from March 8th to April 20th in all Japanese restaurants participating in the initiative.

One of the juiciest dishes is the shinji, which is the testimony of Sukiya restaurants. The Unit-01 Curry Beef Omelette has a purple, green, and yellow color to remind you of that Color combination of Eva-01.

If this initiative fascinates you e Whet your appetiteYou only need to leave by the deadline if the global pandemic allows. We discover the staggering earnings of the Evangelion singer who has never seen the series. Evangelion meets Godzilla and King Kong in an American artist's fan art.

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