The attack of the giants It draws heavily on Nordic and Scandinavian myths and worlds. We recently saw other references to Ragnarok appearing at Chapter 130, but they are certainly not the only ones. The names of the characters immediately bring to mind German and medieval locations.

Recently, however, Hajime Isayama has added another group of characters with completely different traits so that we can get to know other parts of the world. And among these people, who were introduced after the time jump, there is also a clearly Italian character. Obviously we are referring to Niccolo, sometimes called Nicolo. The name is inspired by the Italian variants Nicolò and Niccolò and cannot be anything other than an experienced chef.

When he arrives at Paradiso as a prisoner of war after being captured by Eldia, he uses his culinary skills by showing dishes not only Mediterranean but mostly Italian. In chapter 106 of The Giants' Attack, we see how he makes lobster, spaghetti with clams, clams, and everything else Do you remember Italian cuisine and those around?. Have you ever noticed these references?

in the The attack of the giants There are also parallels between the Romans and the Marleyansas well as among the Germanic barbarians and the ancient tribes of Eldia.

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