As Monkey D. Luffy and Emperor Kaido ascend to the skies above Onigashima in Chapter 1047 ONE PIECEthe author Eiichiro Oda decided to dwell briefly on the character of Momonosuke, who is practically entrusted with the fortunes of the island and all the people of Wano celebrating the end of the festival.

The clash puts a strain on both captains and the progressive weakening of Kaido could lead to a premature fall of Onigashima to the capital. The only one capable of moving and supporting the island may therefore be Momonosuke, who is urged to intervene by Yamato, recalled when he returned some time before painfully accepted to be projected into the future to save the region and honor the memory of his father Kozuki.

As Kin'emon explained in the past, the death of the legendary Oden made Momonosuke the only one capable of giving a second chance for the Nove Foderi Rossi. Little Momo, aware that he must replace his father and shoulder the burden of the island's future, agrees to be seized by an uncontrollable scream as well. A brave act worthy of a member of the Oden family willing to sacrifice years of his life to grow up turn into a dragonand now faces another challenge: moving Onigashima before Luffy hits her with a massive punch aimed at Kaido.

Finally we leave you with the predictions of Chapter 1048 of ONE PIECE and a great truth about the power of Gol D. Roger.

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