Pokémon Exploration: Does Ash Remember Mewtwo?  the answer in the new teaser trailer

The new series of Pokémon exploration proves to be more ambitious than expected and even manages to handle the return of historical characters from the franchise, including some inevitable legendaries. The next few episodes specifically focus on the return of one of the series' most epic creatures, Mewtwo.

Despite Goh's unsuccessful attempt to capture Zapdos, the fight between the two still seems to only be postponed until the future. After their great confrontation, the Pokémon Expeditions season's staff are preparing for the Return from Mewtwo with great fanfare On the other hand, Riolu and Raboot can finally evolve to face their opponent. By the way, the new teaser trailer, which can also be seen at the end of the news, expects a Dialogue between Ash and the legendary Pokémonin which both show that they know each other.

Despite the narrative difficulties within the franchise in matching Ash's various adventures, we know that at the end of the first film in the Mewtwo saga, he decided to erase those present from what happened. However, not many people remember this on the occasion of the Canon short film "Mewtwo Returns", Ash regained his memories. Pokémon Explorations calls this narrative ruse yet another twist that is going to be exciting.

As for you, what do you expect from this comparison instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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