One of the most important characters in the opera is finally making its official debut in the animated series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations. But who will now be able to hold back the indomitable rage of the lost ship from the Kara organization?

Thanks to the spectacular animations that Studio Pierrot brought to the stage, the Boruto anime has finally returned to match the events of the manga and manga express yourself at the highest level. After Team 7 faced two members of the Kara organization, it was able to complete its mission by encountering the mysterious ship. Apparently, however, it won't be that easy to get him to Konoha.

After Ao and Kashin Koji, another criminal from Kara's ranks stands in front of the protagonists. However, unlike its predecessors, this brutal outsider seems intent on this eliminate Kawakiwith which he is closely linked through some tragic events in the past.

After an amazing fight between the two in which we were able to observe the combat capabilities of the ship, Team 7 is tasked with the Fate of the new rookie. As we can see from the preview of episode 190 shared by user Abdul_S17 on Twitter, Kawaki is taken to the Konoha Science Department laboratory where Sumire and Dr. Akita Inuzuka work.

In the meantime, Konohamaru returns to the Leaf Village to warn the seventh Hokage of what is happening on the mission. Under Shikamaru's advice, Naruto decides not to bring Kawaki to Konoha, or at least not before he has him. met personally. But before the Hokage can move, the ship manages to escape from the laboratory. Suddenly confronted by him, Sumire bravely confronts him in hand-to-hand combat.

Here are the titles and previews of the next episodes of Boruto. The community is stunned by a promotional image of Boruto episode 189.

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