From the beginning, Inuyasha emphasized the relationship between love and hate between the protagonist and Kagome. In their sequel, however, the three princesses seemed far from the idea of ​​falling in love or approaching a love story; that until now. Let's find out what happens Yashahime: Princess half-demon.

After the origin of the rainbow pearls was revealed through a retrospective, episode 21 of the cartoon series focuses on the special Relationship between Towa and Riku. There was some evidence of a flirtation between the two prior to this episode, but now it finally seems a little more blooming.

Admitting this is Riku himself who claims that even though he works for Kirinmaru, he couldn't resist helping Towa. Even so, he still can't understand whether these feelings are be it love or something else.

On the other hand, Towa also confirms that she doesn't understand whether she is in love or not, but it is clear that she likes someone and that someone is Riku. Indeed, at the end of the Totetsu fight with Riku standing in front of her to protect her from the attack of some poisonous bees, Towa donates his rainbow pearl.

This doesn't seem like the smartest move she could take, but, as always, Towa acts out of emotion and doesn't realize what she's done until her sister Setsuna points it out Kirinmaru becomes even more powerful.

Do you think the two will pair up at some point? Meanwhile, here is Setsuna's past in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon.

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